Head and Neck Cancer

Head and Neck cancer is an aggressive form of cancer of the upper aerodigestive tract including the tongue, throat and larynx which afflicts about 1.6% of the American population.  It is synonymous with squamous cell carcinoma.   Historically, it was thought to be a cancer that one gets from smoking.  But more and more we are seeing the disease in nonsmokers.  Drs. Cryer, Ruparelia, and Strominger are well trained in the most advanced treatment of head and neck cancer.  This often is a multidisciplinary approach that includes surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Dr. Ruparelia also has a special interest in the treatment of skin cancer of which we are seeing more and more on the face and head.   Utilizing plastic surgery techniques he is able to remove the cancer and provide the best cosmetic result possible.